Fernweh, a magical word with a beautiful meaning.

We came across this word over Christmas, at a time when we were preparing for a busy January and February, but looking forward to the spring when we can go away ourselves.
Fernweh describes that feeling of wanderlust or that longing to travel and visit new places. We think it’s a word full of hope, adventure, fun and good times. Do you?

Where will you be looking to go away this year to satisfy your wanderlust?

Could it be escaping to a deserted beach in the Seychelles, scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro, observing mountain gorillas, taking your PADI certificate in Greece, sailing the Adriatic, searching for Condor in the high Andes. Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, we can do it.

So far we have got clients booked to travel to India, Botswana, Kenya, Ecuador, Colombia, Crete, Cyprus, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Cape Verde, Italy, USA, Uganda, and New Zealand.

We hope to help you with your fernweh over the coming weeks and months.

Best wishes

Steve & the team

01342 302555

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