Kenya Hills & Plains


Ahead of the game in Kenya

Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Ibn Battuta

And, oh what stories you’ll have to tell if you take this trip to Kenya. You’ll be visiting a part of Africa that tugs at your heartstrings and fills your eyes with the most amazing wildlife vistas on the planet.

The country has more than 40 national parks and game reserves, striving to conserve the magnificent animal species which roam its endless plains. Many of its peoples resolutely cling to their traditional lifestyles and to be amongst them is a privilege unlike any other.

It’s the land of Born Free and we can promise you, a holiday here will liberate your imagination.


Wake up to views of a snow caped Mt. Kenya
Walk with the Samburu for a more enriching wildlife experience
Discover the Ol Malo Conservancy on the back of a camel
Go inner tubing down a river and lountain biking in the hills
Meet the Samburu people and some of their community projects
Bush lunches and sumptuous feasts under the stars
Use the Canon D70 and Swarovski binoculars whilst at Mara Plains Camp
Enjoy a cool drink as the sun goes down over the plains
Feel the strong connection of conservation between the Kenyan land, its people and its wildlife


Upon your arrival at Nairobi you’ll take a short flight to Loisaba, where you’ll be taken by road to Ol Malo Lodge.

This is a dream destination for a three-night stay, perched on a rock escarpment overlooking the Laikipia Plateau where elegant antelope congregate under the watchful gaze of Mount Kenya. Your stay will be in a cottage fashioned out of rock and olive wood, with a picture window so you can lie in bed and drink in the unforgettable view. Ol Malo is a dream destination for those who seek a glimpse into the true heart of Africa.

To stay at Ol Malo is to live by a different rhythm. Wake up to see the beautiful sunrise. Celebrate the new day with a dawn drive into the wilderness. Feel the night’s chill burn off with the rising of the great equatorial sun while enjoying a bush breakfast. Visit the colourful Samburu nomads of the North and experience some of the noblest tribes people in Africa. At night savour the peace and comfort of Ol Malo and tune into the enchanting melody of wild Africa while dining under an ancient starscape.

There’s a wealth of experiences to be had here, from camel or horse riding, walks, barbeques and picnics, to helicopter trips – or simply sip cocktails beside the infinity pool.


Another short flight and you’ll be there – the place that seems to epitomise Africa for so many, perhaps in some part thanks to the film, Out of Africa, not to mention countless wildlife documentaries. This is where the battle for survival is played out in front of you every day.

Olare Motorogi Conservancy is a private 35,000-acre conservancy on the northern edge of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. It’s home to a unique seven-tent luxury camp – the Mara Plains Camp. On arrival you walk across a wooden bridge, through a thick riverine forest, up a small slope to some giant steps, where you are greeted by the endless horizon that epitomises Africa. Don’t for a minute think you’ll be rolling out a sleeping bag on stony ground. This is the ultimate in safari camping, with canopied ceilings, wooden floors, deep copper baths and exotic East African interiors, with Maasai warriors to escort you to and fro. Mara Plains is a marvellous combination of romance, adventure discovery and exploration. It’s design is one of understatement and quiet class, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty and mystique of the African savannah.

Each guest at Mara Plains contributes to the success of the Olare Motorogi Conservancy; conservation fees paid safeguard this habitat and support over 1,000 Maasai families. This partnership agreement ensures the survival of an astounding volume and variety of wildlife. You even get your own professional camera and binoculars to use so you can make the most of the wildlife and incredible scenery you’ll see in abundance.

Big cats abound – lions, leopard and cheetah – then there are the hippos, hyena, elephants, 300 species of bird… safari heaven, whether on foot or in vehicles, by day or at night, or even from a hot air balloon.


Finish your trip of a lifetime at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, an exclusive hotel with resident herd of giraffe. Visit the Karen Blixen Museum to complete your fascinating Out of Africa experience, before your homeward flight.

You’ll be packing memories in your mind while you’re stuffing holiday clothes back into your suitcases.

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